Imagining a day without your smartphone or laptop today could be the biggest nightmare any one would dread facing! Such is the importance of modern gadgets in our fast paced lives.While the enormous use is more or less needed, what we are constantly wary and concerned of is how to make our devices last in battery without ditching us mid-day!

If you are routinely on the move and constantly finding yourself struggling with maintaining your devices to not run out of power, it’s time to consider buying a portable power bank that can come handy in all situations while ensuring your work or enjoyment does not end in the middle of the day. is a comprehensive place where you could possibly find all the information about its utility, sizes and specifications that can help you progress with your ideal device search.

Before we break down more of power bank basics, let us help you getting familiar with this device well!

Understanding a Power bank: Beyond Layman’s Approach

Being a power reserve, a power bank is one of the most reliable and useful piece of device if you are an avid smartphone user who travels frequently. You would definitely want to be using your devices while on the move without letting they run out of battery every now and then.

Smartphones and tablets as they tend to get a little older, their battery storage capacity tends to dampen hogging more power, and  one problem that a person can face is looking for outlets to charge them up back to life which unfortunately is not always available.

So to avoid scenarios where you are left helpless and in dire need for battery backup for your device, a power bank is what you should be possessing to spot on charge your devices as and when required.

Power bank Testing and Capacity

While different guides out there will tell you about hundred parameters to perform your own power bank tests before making a purchase, we stress on one of the most important factors i.e. power bank capacity.

A major attribute and a crucial factor that determines the overall efficiency of your power bank, it is measured in mill amperes also abbreviated as mAh. While you definitely cannot count the times your power bank is charging your device, you can definitely understand a general thumb rule that states higher mAh ratings corresponds to higher charging capacity.

What you need to understand about a power bank capacity is that it should match the output voltage of your device to make it charge optimally. A lower output voltage power bank than your device would not work. In case, you decide to go for a portable charger, make sure you analyse your charging needs beforehand. Portable powerbank chargers come even in the high end capacity range for the avid gadget user to fulfil their higher needs. Though they are expensive, but are most handy and useful when you need to charge your multiple devices on spot without worrying about anything else.