The skill of typing or as it is called keyboarding is quiet essential today for all the students. Learning the correct techniques helps build speed and accuracy. Apart from this it also helps you finish the job in a lesser amount of time. Today there are various softwares and programs available that help you master the skill in a step by step manner. To achieve a certain level of proficiency it is important that the foundation is laid at a very young age. Therefore programs like bbc typing come into picture here. The program has been proven to be quiet efficient in teaching children the art of touch typing that is using the keyboard without looking at it. It helps you gain efficiency in all the 10 fingers and not just one or two as most of us do. Also the program is aesthetically designed to be visually appealing and easy to use for the children.

The complete program has 4 levels with three stages in each level. Also there are animated characters designed to sustain the interests of the children. It also helps the child retain what he or she has learned easily. The program contains warm up and review sessions as well at the beginning and end of each stage to ensure that one retains that has been learnt. These sessions are designed to be quiet fun and interactive to help the children boost their confidence. Also there is a song that plays when one successfully completes a test to celebrate the accomplishment of the child. This acts as a great confidence booster. As discussed the bbc typing program has four levels which are further divided into three stages. Hence there are in all 12 stages that one has to go through to attain a certain proficiency in typing.

The main advantage of the program is that it is available free of cost on the internet and does not require any software setup and installation. The program is very effective for the younger age group as it has all the required elements that could keep the hooked throughout the learning phase. The lessons in every stage of the program making the child practice individual letters first. Once the child gets accustomed to them the small sentences are introduced making use of those letters. This improves both efficiency and accuracy in the future. The program also gives a feedback on the mistakes committed and also the number of words typed per minute. This helps in making the necessary improvements in the further stages. Studies show that kids learn faster this way and because this course is in game form, it does not bore them nor tire them. The program is a very good introduction to typing and almost covers everything that one should know about. But it is always advisable to keep practicing ahead with advanced programs once you have finished with this. This helps your kid to become more competent and efficient in handling the keyboard. Learn more about the program here.