Thanks to the investment-oriented economic policy, the Bahamas has attracted funds from all over the world and, as a result of two shots, the real estate market is booming. The Bahamas have become the target of many investors looking for an exclusive property in an exclusive environment. All sector specialists coincide and confirm that demand is rising steadily and that there are no weaknesses on the horizon.

In 1993, the Government of the Bahamas enacted a law that encouraged non-Bahamians to acquire real estate in the 21 departments that make up the archipelago. The Act also allows new owners and dependents to receive a temporary or permanent resident card. Although investors must register with the investment board and the central bank, investors should not seek prior government approval to purchase a property with an area of ​​less than two hectares.

 Another option is the VEFA purchase of your property through the developer or mandated sellers of the development of your choice. The Bahamas are recognized as one of the best tax havens in the world and offer many benefits to investors. There is no tax on persons, companies, profits, income, capital gains, property, gifts or succession. Its easy access from the world’s major markets, its political stability as well as the prevailing security are other benefits for business in the Bahamas.

 Owning a corporate or personal address in the Bahamas allows you to live an exclusive lifestyle in the archipelago while generating income tax-free. As you enjoy your vacation your property continues to gain in value and when you are away you always have the option of renting it. The Albany Bahamas real estate offers a wide range of stays depending on your budget and requirement.  The rental market in the Bahamas is constantly increasing. Every year many people go there to look for a haven of peace where they will find rest, relaxation and intimacy.

Luxury apartments, houses and villas are, for their lucky owners, a source from where a lot of dollars flow. According to companies specializing in the rental and maintenance of residences in the Bahamas and certain real estate agencies, renting their property is a great idea since it helps homeowners to pay for some of the costs associated with possession and maintenance of their homes properties. There are many specialized companies in the Bahamas who will take care of all the technical details related to the rental and maintenance of your residence. You will have no worries, Close to the United States and benefiting from numerous commercial flights from all over the world on the one hand and private airports on the other hand, the Bahamas are undoubtedly a prestigious high value destination. Apart from real estate revaluation in the short and medium term, you can count on juicy rental income, all exempt from taxes. So what are you waiting for? If you have thought of living your entire life with a private beach , then this will certainly charm you.