The living room is the heart of the home and everything revolves around it. It is the place where people spend most of their time socializing, relaxing, but also receiving guests. According to FengShui principles presented by foam works toronto, the living room should be as close as possible to the front door, in order to “gather” more positive vibes.

Ideally, the central room in the home is in the form of rectangle, and the furniture is arranged in a circle, so that the corners of the room remain empty. It is desirable that the ceiling is high, because it allows uninterrupted circulation of energy even when there are many people in it.

When it comes to a seating set, the most important thing is to be comfortable and arrange it in a way to allow unhindered communication between people. If there is not much detail in the room, a set, a sofa, or an armchair with in an intense color (red, pink, orange), will bring positive energy in the room. Electronic and music devices should never be in the center of the room, because they interfere with communication.

Larger pieces of furniture, such as a seating set, cabinets and libraries, should not stand close to the doors, because they block energy.

In the corners of the room it is desirable to put plants, flower vases, stone lamps, aquarium or home fountain. Since the living room is intended for family gathering, the walls painted in a gentle blue, green or yellow color will also contribute to the harmonious relationships among the householders.

As for lighting, it is important that the room is well lit during the day and evening. Windows without a curtain will allow enough daylight to penetrate. If the room is large, except for the chandeliers, it is good to be further illuminated by wall lamps.

In addition to works of art in the living room, there should be photographs of smiling people that improve mood and contribute to the feeling of closeness in the family.

The arrangement should be balanced and symmetrical, from furniture, upright and horizontal forms, to energy and detail. Bookshelves according to the rules of FengShui should always be closed, otherwise they create an unpleasantness with their energies.

Be sure to choose furniture without sharp edges, corners, carvings and ornaments. Modern armchairs are nice and simple, but always choose those with a high head and complementary armrests. Buy upholstered furniture from natural materials. Artificial materials are the source of the negative “spell of energy”.

When it comes to colors, according to the rules of FengShui, there should always be yellow color painted on one part, because it is believed that yellow color invokes money in the house.
According toFengShui, all that we need to enrich the space is in the nature. In order to attract happiness and money, one plant is also more than enough. There are many plants that bring health, happiness, progress and money to the home.