When that burning desire to remodel your shower pops up, planning ahead before hiring a remodeler is strongly recommended. Proper planning combined with perfect designing will guarantee an awesomely looking bathroom that delivers optimal value for money. And help make your San Antonio shower remodeling project a success, we have outlined the most innovative shower ideas which everyone loves.

Connect the Tub to the Shower

Installing a shower and full-size tub can wreak havoc in your bathroom causing unnecessary chaos. A good example is when you install an acrylic bathroom in a shower’s tile surround. According to the experts, a good tub to shower pairing will include a big sized wood-skirted bathtub along with an end-to-end shower enclosure. It’s highly recommended you use similar natural stones for creating tub and shower surrounds if you want to get the perfect output.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are created using the same material as the bathroom counters. They are some of the most blazing shower remodeling ideas that offer a seamless and minimalist look with lower maintenance. These bathroom designs don’t include seams that could get dirt or where water can hide. Those who want can as well create an integrated sink design by coloring their under-mount sinks the same as their countertops.

San Antonio shower remodeling

Floating Vanity

This bathroom remodeling idea aims to make the showers look bigger than they actually are. They involve adding wall-to-wall cabinets to open up more spacing.  It can also be done by constructing bathroom counters or floating vanities. Floating vanity bathroom remodel designs can also be created by skipping the old-style cabinet vanity bases and using sofa tables coupled with open shelving, instead.

The Sexy Ergonomic Design

The unified and liquefied curvy design common in electronics and computers has found its way into modern bathrooms.  The design is one of the many which are replacing boxy angles. The introduction of these super attractive curvy shapes, which are added to some parts of the bathroom, will act as beauty elements. You must ensure you add the right no of elements so as to ensure balance and achieve that sexy ergonomic bathroom design. And the best way to do this will be by adding curves to one of the bathroom walls, installing fixtures or faucets that are refined and hanging the perfect decor highlighting the curves and circles.

These are some of the award-winning and most preferred San Antonio shower remodeling designs and styles, which if properly implemented will give your bathroom the most attractive look and spacious functionality. Before doing anything, consult with the remodeling experts at https://www.geniebathsystems.com/shower-systems/ to know what they have in store for you and help you discover the most innovative and favorable designs for your shower style, design, and type.