Commercial racking is a great solution in garages, homes and offices as well as shops, warehouses and storage facilities. Boltless, easy-assembly units are available and many work in combination with standardised delivery containers like pallets.

Boltless shelving is not only quick and easy but often stronger and more reliable than types that use ugly nuts and bolts. Many are aesthetically pleasing, so your home, office or store need not look like a factory floor.

However, there are few circumstances when just any shelving will do. To get maximum benefits at minimum costs, here are five more considerations.


Accidents with heavily laden racking can be dangerous and costly. Use the correct shelves: most vary in load-bearing capacity from 60kg to 400kg. Racking inspections are required by EU law, so apply equally in the Irish Republic and in the UK. Both can use SEMA approved contractors to comply.

To be sure racking is top quality, fit for purpose, and professionally assembled, choose a specialist with experience of installing industrial shelving in Ireland –


Business requirements grow and adapt. Can your racking do the same? Choose systems that are adjustable, and adaptable for changing purposes – such as accommodating different pallet sizes or containers.

Modular racks allow you to extend your storage with additional connecting units if your capacity requirements grow.


Remember to consider how your new units will fit in with existing units that you want to keep using. If your commercial operation must continue during the refitting, have an action plan as to how this will work. Check that existing forklifts or other vehicles will work with new modules, or that new ones will work with your older types of racking.


It isn’t only the rack’s initial strength and appearance that matters, but what condition it will be in after years of exposure to the elements. Plastics and plastic coatings vary in how good they look after a few years, and while some metals will never rust or oxidise, cheaper ones might corrode.

Depending on your operation, aesthetic considerations may or may not matter to you.


Keeping your racking fit for purpose requires two things – a reliable supply of standard spare parts, and experienced maintenance personnel who know what they are doing. For both, choose a reliable supplier like Rackzone.