These days boutique-style hotels are soaring in popularity, and many homeowners are looking at the ways that they can bring the quirky, classy style of these hotels into their homes.

An article in Covington Travel highlights some of the key characteristics of boutique hotels as individuality, character and design. With this in mind, what tangible features can you add to your home to emulate the feel of a quality hotel?

Luxury Features

People love hotels because they offer a touch of luxury. Not everything about the room (or the home) has to be luxurious, but investing in a few indulgent features will make a world of difference. For example, shower units in hotels are often plush, powerful jets that create a spa-like experience, while beds tend to be extra-large and super-comfortable. Invest in a couple of high-end features and your home will soon have the wow factor.


Great lighting creates an ambiance, but an Art Deco chandelier can also add that hint of luxury. When you are choosing lighting, consider three factors: mood, functionality and style. With this mantra you can’t go wrong. Built-in wall lights are an emerging trend in many hotels, as they illuminate wall features such as mirrors and paintings.

Built-in Systems

Built-in appliances (such as sound systems, heating units and even coffee machines) really bring a room together. Not only are they great space-saving tricks, but they add a touch of glamour and show that the room has been well planned and designed. If you are renovating or re-designing a room, then try to incorporate these aspects into the building work.


Your flooring will definitely speak volumes about your home. Opulent marble flooring in hallways and stone kitchen floors will scream luxury. For living areas opt for modern grey laminate flooring from to give the illusion of light and space. Adding plush rugs to hardwood or laminate flooring can also add warmth and texture and give a luxurious softness underfoot.

Finishing Touches

As with most types of interior design, the devil is in the detail. Small finishing touches will add the wow factor to your home and reflect your own personal style. Think modern artwork, faux flowers and metallic furnishings to capture a modern bijoux look.