A birthday is that special day in a person’s life when they look forward to surprises, gifts, and most importantly, spending time with their loved ones. When its your boyfriend’s birthday, you want to get the best of the best gifts for him but how do pick from the vast variety available online?

Here are a few options that you can pick from when gifting your boyfriend on his birthday –

Customized cake surprise

Find out his favorite chocolate flavors and get an entire cake made from that flavor complete with the design, decorations and the cream! You can easily customize the cake online at any bakery outlet’s website or even online on gifting websites that do online cake delivery in Jodhpur and across India. You can choose from a wide range of cake types such as photo printed cake, shaped cake, cakes made out of arranged cupcakes, tiered cakes and many more options. You can also have a fun and funky message on the cake instead of the cliché ‘Happy Birthday’ birthday to add an extra punch of fun!

Electronics and gadgets

If your boyfriend is fond of gadgets, electronics, latest portable electronic equipment etc., then you can shop for such items from e-commerce websites and online gifting stores to get the best deal. Avoid shopping for such items in stores and at malls because these are generally very expensive in such stores. Online shopping saves you money, time and effort which makes it extremely convenient as well! A lot of the websites have 2-day lightning sales, 1 week of end of season sale, weekend bonanza and other such offers which you can make use of when shopping for electronics and gadgets. The most common electronics used for gifting are portable chargers, headphones, portable speakers, Bluetooth connection for the car etc.

Collectable items

If your boyfriend is a huge movie buff, loves TV series or is a fan of comics such as DC, Marvel or even anime, the best item you can gift him on his birthday is a collectible item. There are a lot of collectible items that you can pick from such as action figures, brand official tshirts and mugs, collector’s edition of comics, tickets to the comic con and other such fun items which he will love. You can also create a customized gift basket with all these movie or comic themed stationery, chocolates, action figures etc. which will be a double surprise! You can easily have these gift baskets customized at any online gifting website that does online cake delivery in Jodhpur, Mumbai, Kerala etc. for extremely affordable prices!

Fashion accessories

Instead of purchasing clothes and shoes for his birthday which might be difficult to get the right sizes, fashion accessories are a very good gifting option. You can choose from a wide variety of accessories such as men’s jewelry, sunglasses, caps/hats, winter scarves, mobile cover etc. These are affordable as well everyday accessories which he will definitely use! You can easily find these items online on e-commerce sites across the world!