The 2022 Audi A6 Allroad comes with an impressive powertrain that includes a suspension system and more, which makes this vehicle ideal for every road. This car looks stunning due to its design and also has an impressive engine.

When going to Morgan Hill Audi dealership, you can ask for a booking or if you have any question experts there can answer. However, for now, let’s take a look at this vehicle as closely as possible.

Powertrain provided

V6 3-liter turbocharged engine is fitted under the hood of A6 Allroad. It provides 335-hp along with a torque of 369 lb-ft. It is paired with an automatic 7-speed along with a Quattro system, which is Audi’s AWD drivetrain. It offers excellent acceleration and takes 5.2 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

Air adjustable suspension system is used for this vehicle that makes this car ideal for all types of roads. This suspension system along with its lifts makes every ride highly controlled and comfortable, even if the car is being driven off-road.

This vehicle also offers at least 20 mpg when driven on city roads and 26 mpg when driven on any highway; combined result is 22mpg. It offers one of the best fuel efficiencies that you can get in this automobile category.

Exterior and interior

Apart from the powertrain, the A6 Allroad’s exterior and interior design also plays a role in making this car ideal for every road. The exterior is created remarkable to have aerodynamics that makes driving this vehicle fun for all. The high-risen front bumper and stylish grille structure make it quite remarkable for driving in any road type.

The interior design is also made to offer ample comfort to drivers as well as passengers. High-quality materials for building interior are used along with soft and comfortable seats that make one doesn’t feel the imperfections of road.

Also, the interior is filled with tech and other features that help in making every drive feel swift commuting. Also, the driver assistance features include emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping aid, and more to ensure that you can have a remarkable driving experience irrespective of the kind of road you are driving on.


Audi decided to offer just two trims for the 2022 A6 Allroad. The first is the Premium Plus version, which will cost you $66,945 and Prestige variant is priced at $72,445. Both are excellent models; however, if you decide to get the Premium Plus version, then do opt for certain packages or simply get the Prestige version.

The type of vehicle A6 Allroad is, there is no doubt you will enjoy driving it even on rough roads or when off-roading with it. Just choose your preferred trim color along with suitable features to be implemented in your car from an Audi dealership Morgan Hill.

You can get this vehicle after you get in touch with a dealer near you. It will be one-of-a-kindpurchases for you and thus, should be included in your buying list of cars. Take a test ride and see it for yourself!